Let’s Talk Science at the University of British Columbia

Let’s Talk Science at the University of British Columbia strives to engage young people with hands-on/mind-on activities as a mean to improve their understanding and appreciation of physical and life sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology. 

We achieve this goal through innovative, volunteer-run programs that make science accessible and fun for youths (as well as their teachers and parents!). Our dedicated volunteers are members of the UBC research community who provide science outreach to elementary and secondary school students in Vancouver and rural communities in B.C.!

Benefits of our science outreach are three-fold: youths are exposed to science in a relaxed, non-traditional manner (i.e. no textbook reading or lectures!) that enhances what they are already learning.  Our volunteers act as positive role models, offering mentorship and fostering positive attitudes towards science. Volunteers also gain valuable knowledge translation experience and an enriched academic experience. Teachers have access to resources that might not be available as well as support from experts in areas of science they might not be familiar with.

All our programs are free of charge and due to generous support from our funders, we are able to provide all necessary supplies and equipment for our outreach endeavors.

Let’s Talk Science Across Canada

Let't Talk Science is a national charitable organization aimed at improving science literacy through leadership, innovative educational programs, research and advocacy.  We motivate and empower youth to use science, technology and engineering to develop critical skills, knowledge and attitudes for success. Check out the National website Let’s Talk Science.

Annual Report

Click here to read our report for the academic year 2014-2015


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